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Ready Mix Concrete

We have concrete experience in both residential and commercial.

We have the only computer-controlled batch system in Humboldt or Pershing Counties. It ensures precise, constant concrete mixes.

We screen our own sand and rock. We use river rock, which finishes better than crushed rock. By supplying our own materials, we eliminate middle men, saving time and money.

All of our mix designs, which are engineered by Pezonella and Associates, have been tested and approved to industry standards.

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Our Screen Plant

Ready Mix Batch Plant

Ready Mix Batch Plant in Winnemucca

Our computer-controlled concrete batch plant in Lovelock

Our computer-controlled concrete batch plant in Lovelock

Pouring a Concrete Pad

Pouring a Concrete Pad

Pouring a Concrete Pad

Pouring a Concrete Pad

Building Pads

Any construction project must begin with a solid ground slab. This feature creates a secure foundation for the structure. These features are called building pads, and they are made with concrete. The general contractor that construct this unit knows how to deal with underground wires or boulders. They carefully stake out the perimeter of where they should dig. Backfilling and fine grading work help in completing the project. Concrete pouring within the staked area is the next step. Although concrete varieties can be sophisticated now, with such finished products as stamped concrete patios, standard grade concrete is all that is needed for this task. After the pad is completed, a final sealer is applied and a plastic covering is placed on it. A day later, this exterior feature is cured and ready for building. Review our website to see the successful construction projects that we have performed. We are seasoned professionals that provide reasonable pricing for many residential and commercial projects.

Radiant Hydronic Floor Heating Pad

Radiant Hydronic Floor Heating Pad

Stamped Concrete Patios

Homeowners want the exterior of their homes to be attractive and welcoming. Building an outdoor patio is a project that many consumers decide to undertake. One type of project, stamped concrete patios, are a fun and functional way to achieve style without a high price tag. These exterior concrete features can be customized to look like finely cut or textured rock. The price of the product, however, is nowhere near the price of traditional stone. The concrete is the same quality that is used in traditional building pads or concrete driveways, but styling and texturing are added to bring charm to its appearance. Try this patio option if you want to bring character and functionality to your outdoor activities without breaking your budget.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio

Custom Colored and Stamped Patios

Custom Colored and Stamped Patios

Concrete Driveways

When a homeowner wants a driveway paved or repaired, there are various choices to consider. For instance, a concrete driveway cost can differ from an asphalt one. The size of the driveway will also determine cost. Driveway repair can also vary in pricing depending on whether simple crack filling is needed or if there are multiple potholes. Consider our company when you are reviewing paving vendors. We offer reasonable prices and dedicated professionals who perform their jobs with distinction.

Paved driveways are of increasing importance to today’s prospective homeowners. Asphalt or concrete driveway cost can be manageable if the right vendor is chosen. For convenience purposes, you may want to choose a service that can manage the job from start to finish. You should also ask for contact information of previous customers. If you are considering a new or repaired driveway, such as asphalt patching, for your home, give us a call to see if we can be your vendor of choice.

Building Retaining Walls

When you decide to perform outdoor digging and construction for concrete patios or retaining walls, it’s best to ask professionals to do the job. When building retaining walls, dealing with large rocks or heavy blocks is not a job for the inexperienced homeowner. An experienced professional knows how to deal with such issues as jagged stone, building codes, or uneven terrain. A skilled worker will build a uniformly strong wall with no weak or shaky areas. He or she will also know how to handle many scenarios that might make a homeowner feel uncertainty or trepidation. Whether you are interested in rock or concrete retaining walls, make sure to seek a professional who has experience with these common exterior structures.

Concrete Retaining Walls: Solid Structures

A business owner is often concerned with the outside of the business as much as the inside. Exterior decoration of a commercial property may include concrete retaining walls. These units can be designed to be quite appealing in addition to being sturdy. In fact, these concrete blocks can be manufactured to look like brick or cut stone. Many consumers hire general engineering contractors that have experience in building retaining walls because their expertise and tools make quick work of the task. Review our website to see the projects that we have performed to our customers’ satisfaction. Our solid and attractive retaining walls can be viewed throughout the landscapes of many homes and businesses in California and Nevada. Give us a call today so that we can give your home or business the curb appeal that will make you smile.

Driveway Repair

During the spring through the autumn seasons, many homeowners focus on outdoor upkeep and repair. Often, the driveway needs to be repaired because cracks become larger or more numerous during the colder months. Some tasks involved in driveway repair include:

  • sweeping away dirt and residue
  • pressure washing
  • crack filling
  • asphalt patching
  • sealing

For simple exterior cleaning and maintenance, a homeowner can do many of the tasks. For more complicated repair of asphalt driveways, such as asphalt patching, a professional vendor may be desired because they have the expertise and equipment to make the task more easily completed.

Neither concrete nor asphalt driveways can continue to look good without periodic upkeep. Although the simple repairs may be able to be done by a homeowner, skilled professionals may be needed for more complicated tasks. There are many vendors that offer driveway repair services. You should ask about experience and availability of the various companies that you consider. For repairing an asphalt or concrete driveway, cost is also a consideration. Make sure to discuss all pricing policies of the vendor that you choose.

Precast Concrete

Because it is cured in a controlled environment, preformed or pre-cast concrete can often ensure the highest quality and dimensional consistency. Whether you are building a structure, security wall, landscaping elements, sound barrier, swimming pool, stock tank, stormwater drainage channel, or a tunnel, we have the bunks and equipment to serve your needs.

Precast concrete

Precast concrete

Trusted Partners

Our engineering partners design and test concrete batches for specific applications

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